ATX SMF: Stability, Mobility & Flexibility Evaluation

This 90-minute stability and mobility test will identify areas that need a bit more attention.

ATX SMF: Stability, Mobility & Flexibility Evaluation

ATX FIT: Functional Intrinsic Training

Our primary focus, functional intrinsic training, is designed to help rehab your muscles.

ATX FIT: Functional Intrinsic Training

ATX SCT: Strength & Conditioning

We designed extrinsic neuromuscular therapy to build on other methods of mobility training.

ATX SCT: Strength & Conditioning

ATX SRT: Stretching & Release Therapy

This therapy is designed to address asymmetrical tightness and restrictions in the fascia and the muscle tissue.

ATX SRT: Stretching & Release Therapy

Work On Your Recovery With Certified Athletic Trainers

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Recovering from an injury is a long road. There's a lot that can go wrong and hinder your progress, so you want to make sure you have a certified trainer there to guide you. ATX Fitness Therapy will walk you through a 90-minute evaluation to go over everything from neuromuscular conditioning to myofascial mobility therapy. Whether you're striving to get back to normal life or trying to get back on the field, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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Optimizing motion is a result of systematic, progressive training known as ATX Fitness Therapy!

All of our training is personalized

There's no singular path to recovery. Every body is different, so you need a trainer who can adapt your injury rehabilitation services to best fit your needs.

Patients come to us because...

  • We use science-based neuromuscular conditioning to help improve mobility, stability, and strength.
  • We have a staff of certified trainers here to guide you through the process.
  • We have monthly packages to help you save money during this time.
  • We'll walk you through injury prevention training to reduce the risk of future issues.
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The ATX-FIT (Functional Intrinsic Training) principle is simple: STRUCTURE + FUNCTION = MOTION - the belief that movement is achieved through stability and mobility around a joint. This principle is critical for pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of optimal movement and joint health. We offer several programs to deliver customized approaches to postural optimization and neuromuscular conditioning; each one designed to promote optimal ATX-FIT movement!


The body's number one priority is to preserve joint health. Without healthy joints, one would not be able to move effectively. The body understands this and will manipulate muscle activity subconsciously in order to protect the joint. This leaves the individual suffering from pain and immobility, compensation muscle activation patterns (weakness/tightness), chronic pain and overuse syndromes. ATX identifies the root cause of movement compensation (instability), prescribes the proper ATX Fitness Therapy modality and assesses outcomes of prescription ATX Fitness Therapy.

Choose a package that best matches your needs today and helps you reach and improve your health and fitness goals tomorrow.

  • Hourly Session
  • $70 Per Additional Session
  • Customize your sessions

  • Monthly Membership
  • 8 Monthly Sessions

  • Monthly Membership
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Talk to us about Corporate Memberships

  • For ATX-FIT and ATX-EXT
  • $120 for 90-minute first time
    ATX-SMF evaluation


We offer every new client a complete ATX Functional SMF Evaluation. During this 90 minute evaluation, we identify instability, compensation tightness and weakness patterns, and compensation movement patterns. We also perform specialized tests, gait assessment, a visual postural exam and Active Functional stability and mobility tests. The purpose of this assessment will provide ATX practitioners with the detailed road map to pain-free movement by the implementation of one or more of our ATX Fitness Therapy modalities:

  1. ATX SMF: Stability, Mobility & Flexibility Evaluation
  2. ATX FIT: Functional Intrinsic Training
  3. ATX SCT: Strength & Conditioning
  4. ATX SRT: Stretching & Release Therapy