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The basis of the ATX Fitness Therapy principle is:
“Movement is achieved through stability around a joint.”

The body’s number one priority is to preserve joint health. Without healthy joints, one would not be able to move effectively. The body understands this and will manipulate muscle activity subconsciously in order to protect the joint. This leaves the individual suffering from pain and immobility, compensation muscle activation patterns (weakness/tightness), chronic pain and overuse syndromes. Structure, Function, Motion, Mind – The Structure is manipulated to improve posture and optimize biomechanical advantage. The Function of the neuromuscular system is optimized by ATX FIT Therapy principles including ATX- NMAC, FIT, CST, PCT. Motion is optimized through our systematic ATX Fitness Therapy protocol and the Mind is nurtured and developed via ATX Cognition Therapy.

ATX Fitness Therapy was created out of necessity to provide corrective, postural and neuromuscular conditioning designed to increase quality of life by addressing the root cause of pain and chronic injury. Secondly, to provide unparalleled mentorship in the psychophysical aspects of Fitness Training and overall wellness. The number one priority in preservation of physical health and mental well-being is to nurture the mind and body with its needs. Fitness Therapy is the combination of movement, tissue release and activation modalities, behavior-cognition techniques, and the ATX FIT principles designed to address imbalances in intrinsic musculature. ATX Fitness Therapy utilizes a comprehensive evaluation to identify joint instability, compensation tightness/weakness and compensation movement patterns. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a baseline assessment used to guide implementation and progression strategies for movement optimization.

Structure, Function, Motion- The human structure or skeleton, is critical for optimization of biomechanical advantage. Biomechanical advantage is the body’s predisposition to perform a movement with the levers (joints) in the body, efficiently and effectively. When the body is structurally compromised, the biomechanical advantage is decreased and movement is compromised. Structure is optimized through ATX FIT principles.

Proper neuromuscular function is the other facet of Fitness Therapy that maintains posture and facilitates change in the structure by supporting joint position and articulation through movement. Function is the ability to maintain posture through subconscious activation cues achieved by conscious neuromuscular conditioning and Therapy. This is also achieved by ATX FIT principle. Optimizing motion is a result of systematic, progressive training known as ATX Fitness Therapy!

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