ATX FIT Mobilize

ATX FIT Mobilize

ATX Fitness Therapy combines specialized mobility and flexibility sequences that targets myo-fascial chains. With a focus on proper breathing and relaxation, we achieve a deep relaxing stretch while improving joint health and mobility. ATX combines dynamic, static and resistive stretching approaches to achieve optimal tissue pliability!

Don't just get fit, get ATX FIT.
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I was suffering from a knee injury for almost five years. I have tried many physical therapies but didn’t get satisfactory results. My neighbor at Deptford told me about the service ATX FIT Mobilize. I started taking this therapy, and now I feel pretty better and walk with more ease than before.


I am facing a knee joint problem because of standing for long hours. I have recently started taking ATX FIT Mobilize therapy. I have improved my joint pain, but I also found one more exciting thing. After long hours of working, I relaxed mentally because of deep breathing and stretching.

Brendan BAF

Recommended by Dr. Humphrey, they did a great job focusing on my needs. Left there feeling great. Will definitely signing up for a membership and get my wife to go.