Functional Intrinsic Training (FIT) in Portsmouth & Bedford, NH

This is our fundamental training principle. It is particularly useful for prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of your body’s intrinsic stabilizers and synergists; also known as fine motor tuning. While almost all fitness programs are focused on the larger, extrinsic muscle groups; FIT principle focuses on the smaller synergistic, stabilizing muscles that help with joint stability and proper joint activation/stabilization biomechanics. ATX fitness has designed a program to activate and condition those smaller intrinsic muscles and intrinsic training that are so important for proper biomechanics and joint health, prevention of chronic injuries and optimal movement!

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What They Say

Our Testimonials


I am professionally a cricketer and had to perform better in the qualifying match. I took ATX FIT service and it addresses all my concerns. When I played a qualifying match, I and my coach experienced a visible improvement in my performance.


I had an accident one month ago and my arm got injured badly. I have taken various physiotherapy sessions but none of them worked. My friend told me about the ATX FIT at ATX fitness gym. The staff of this gym was very humble and cooperative. After having Functional Intrinsic training, the movement pattern of my arm gets better and I am feeling a huge relief right now.


I am an athlete and have taken ATX FIT service for improving my performance. But one thing that I noticed different from my need was my better physical appearance and less weight. So, I am very glad that I chose this service after considering the suggestion of my coach.