Stretching & Release Therapy in Portsmouth & Bedford, NH

This stretching therapy is designed to address asymmetrical tightness and restrictions in the fascia and the muscle tissue. It is imperative to maintain pliable, elastic-like myofascial tissue. Science literature demonstrates healthy fascia increases your power output in athletic performance as well as increases the overall function of your tissues. ATX FLEX Therapy is designed to optimize mobility and flexibility (ROM) around your joints. Isolation myofascial release techniques in combination with active mobilization techniques result in a sense of well being and increased overall tissue function.

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Before having ATX Flex service, I couldn’t do my daily tasks properly because of stiffed muscles. I played football with my friends, and my leg got broken during a match. After having this therapy, the range of motion of my leg increased, and right now, I walk and do other jobs more comfortably than ever before.


I am a freelancer and am bound to do my tasks on a laptop for a more extended period. Because of my hectic routine, I felt stiffness in my neck and arms muscles. It was hindering my capability to do daily tasks. One of my friends suggested I take ATX flex service. After taking that service, I got rid of muscle stiffness to a great extent. I am still taking this therapy and getting better day by day.


Being an athlete, most of the time experience muscle imbalance. It negatively impacts career durability and performance level. So, my coach suggested me the ATX Flex therapy. I have been taking it for almost three weeks. Now, I am getting better and focusing on raising my performance level.