ATX Functional Movement Assessment

Stability, Mobility & Flexibility Evaluation in Portsmouth & Bedford, NH

This 90-minute evaluation is designed to identify instability, compensation tightness and weakness patterns, compensation movement patterns. These instabilities and compensations are secondary to joint instability, and bilateral asymmetries. Utilizing passive/active/resisted Manual Muscle Tests (MMTs), special tests, gait assessment, visual postural exam and Active Functional stability and mobility test ATX practitioners are provided with a detailed road map to pain-free movement by implementation of all ATX Fitness Therapy modalities!

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What They Say

Our Testimonials


I had a great time on my first stretch at ATX Fit. I tried many therapies to address my shoulders and backbone pain but didn’t get satisfactory results. After visiting ATX-fit, I felt a soothing effect on my shoulder pain, and it has improved a lot in only the first three sessions. Thanks to the professional and friendly staff and how they have treated me. I strongly recommend it.


I felt great flexibility and relaxation throughout my muscles after the therapy at ATX-Fit. Thanks to the professional and super-knowledgeable staff who assisted me and treated me according to my physical needs. I will take the membership and recommend it to my other friends and fellows.


Pinching pain is constantly frustrating, and you cannot focus on your work effectively. My neck and hip floxer pain were the same even after taking different sessions from different therapy trainers. I couldn’t even sit for long hours in the office, which compromised my work efficiency. Thanks to ATX-Fit, especially the trained and experienced therapists who have provided my comfort back, now I can work efficiently, and my life is stress-free.