Strength & Conditional Therapy in Portsmouth & Bedford, NH

We designed this Conditional therapy to build on functional stability and mobility foundations (ATX FIT principle). Once the client has progressed to an optimal physical ability, without the consequence of injury, the integration of Extrinsic Neuromuscular Therapy (strength and conditioning) is appropriate and should be implemented to further improve the physical health and ability of the client. This therapy is encouraged in conjunction with FIT principle, utilized as a maintenance protocol, to achieve optimal performance results.

Don't just get fit, get ATX FIT.
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I met a road accident last year and my right leg got fractured in this incident. I have tried many doctors and taken medicines for the past 3 years. Everything was getting better but I slightly noticed that I’m not be able to move my leg and even arms. Then I came to know about this amazing platform. I got a chance to get conditional therapy and now have zero movement issues. Their fit therapy method slowly enabled me to walk without any hurdles.

Joshua Bolduc

I tried traditional physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff and SLAP tear. I was very frustrated after months of physical therapy because it didn’t change a thing and I still had range of motion limitations and a lot of pain. I started going to ATX fitness therapy twice a week, for a total of 90 minutes. Within a couple of weeks I already had improved range of motion and nearly pain-free. After a couple of months, I could lift my arm completely straight over my head and I had no pain. This last month I have missed most of my appointments because of other things and I can tell the difference already. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow and continuing my two times a week routine. This really works

Brendan BAF

Recommended by Dr. Humphrey, they did a great job focusing on my needs. Left there feeling great. Will definitely signing up for a membership and get my wife to go.