Sleepover with my buddy. I am Eric and my buddies title is Ewan

Sleepover with my buddy. I am Eric and my buddies title is Ewan

We now have understood each other for the years that are few and then he utilized to come round to the house on a regular basis for sleepovers, we’d play games, speak about college and sex, but we slowly grew aside. Recently I invited him around to my house for a sleepover though we have been talking more and.

Ewan is 140 pounds and 5′ 7″ and I also’m 160, 5′ 9″ and a typical 6″ dick.

Whenever Ewan arrived we played games together in my own space for a long time together with pizza, eventually once we got bored we place regarding the t. V and talked. We discussed college, classes, he discussed girls he fancied and in the end we reached intercourse. He previously as soon as got a bj from a lady but nothing significantly more than that and I also had never done any such thing with anybody. He chatted concerning the girl that provided him the described and bj the experience in extreme information. He stated she had taken every one of their cock in her own lips and he blew their jizz all over her face, practical link the entire time we ended up being getting an enormous hard-on.

And evidently therefore did he, because after he’d completed dealing with it he asked if i desired to watch some porn with him. (more…)

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