What is a Certified Athletic Trainer, ATC?

An ATC is a profession focusing in rehabilitation of athletic injury. ATC is a national certification requiring a bachelors degree in athletic training. ATC's are required to sit a proctored examination at an approved test center and pass to BOC standards before credentialing is issued. ATC's are required to submit 50 hours of continue education units every 2 years to maintain the certification. ATC's must prove a CPR/first aid certification as well.

Who needs ATX Fitness Therapy?

Everyone! Depending your goals, lifestyle, age, gender and ability, ATX Fitness Therapy has a program for you. Since the ATX SMF Evaluation is comprehensive and progressive, an ATX Fitness Therapist can identify your needs and work with you through our process!

Can I participate with ATX if I have an injury?

Yes! if you are cleared to move you are cleared to participate with ATX! ATX Fitness Therapy is designed to help you overcome your injuries in a safe, professional setting with professionals trained in athletic injury prevention and rehabilitation!

How often should I come to ATX?

As often as you can! We have programs and memberships to accommodate all desired frequencies. ATX recommends 3 times per week to make very productive progress. ATX offers at-home exercises too!

What does "intrinsic muscle" mean?

Intrinsic muscles are responsible for stability, synergy and mobility around a joint. Intrinsic muscles are an integral part of healthy optimal movement in the body and the source of all chronic pain syndromes and injuries due to instability and weakness/tightness compensations.

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