How Long in Rehabilitation After Spinal Cord Injury

How Long in Rehabilitation After Spinal Cord Injury

Rehabilitation is one of life’s most important aspects after a spinal cord injury. Many people have to undergo almost 3 to 4 months of inpatient rehabilitation followed by 2 to 8 more months of outpatient rehabilitation. All of this can be covered by insurance if you have one.

Moreover, light exercise and active-based therapy can also be beneficial during the healing process. Many gyms offer spinal cord injury therapy to help you recover faster from injury.

Is it essential to go into rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury?

Yes, it is as essential as you need oxygen to remain alive. The spinal cord is the most crucial part of the body, allowing you to do almost every daily life work effectively. If your spinal cord gets injured, you cannot do many things, such as work, play, drive, or do sports.

Moreover, there are solid chances that you might not have any relationships and be unable to have any family. But going into a rehabilitation center can help you usually live like before.

The rehab team helps you adjust to the injury by providing the training, resources, and support to get better and improve your life. But still, it depends on how much effort you put into getting out of the situation. No one can do anything if you are unwilling to escape your situation.

Early rehabilitation treatment is vital for preventing the loss of muscle strength and joint contractures. Also, it ensures the standard functionality of the digestive and respiratory systems. The interdisciplinary approach is one of the most fundamental approaches in rehabilitation in SCI.

What changes occur in physical condition after spinal cord injury?

The most painful thing that can happen after a spinal cord injury is complete paralysis. Movement gets affected after spinal cord injury, and many other things can happen to your physical condition, depending on the nature and location of the damage.

  • man getting physical therapyYou might face difficulty in controlling your bowels or bladder.
  • They might struggle with arousal, fertility, libido, and sexual function.
  • Pain at the location of the damage or pain radiating elsewhere.
  • Tingling feelings.
  • Changes in sensations throughout your body.
  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Difficulty breathing without help or changes in breathing, such as developing sleep apnoea.
  • Skin disorders, especially bedsores. Getting enough movement may assist with this issue since bedsores often result from laying in bed.

Is there a chance of any mental health issues due to spinal cord injury?

When your body gets disturbed, your mind becomes distressed because both entities are connected. If something happens to one, the other will also get affected.

spinal cord injuryIf you are going through an injury like the spinal cord, there are so many chances that you might go through deep brain trauma and gets into depression and anxiety.

You might require proper therapy from a psychologist after recovery from a spinal cord injury. Also, you might have suicidal thoughts or want to hurt yourself badly. So, it is better to have group therapy after the recovery.


Spinal cord injury isn’t something to take lightly because it can make you suffer for life if you do not take care of it correctly from the start. Going to a rehab center is best where you can have the best treatment possible.

If you or any of your loved ones are going through this severe injury and want a consultation, you can always go to for information.


What are the chances of recovery from a spinal cord injury?

According to research, the total recovery rate of spinal cord injury is only 1%.

How much time does it take to recover from a spinal cord injury?

It will take 1 to 2 years to make minor improvements, and there’s no time limit if you want total recovery from a spinal cord injury.

Which type of spinal cord injury is the most serious?

Cervical spinal cord injury is the most severe injury affecting the head and neck region above the shoulders.

What is the most common cause of spinal cord injury?

Here are 3 most common causes of spinal cord injury:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Fall from a higher place or brutal fall
  • Gunshot wounds
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