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Josh Bolduc’s experience began back in NYC as a prosthetic and orthotic fitter in 2013. This introduction into the medical field was a shocking surprise of decentralized, discontinued healthcare for the patients he saw receiving treatment. Josh spent four and a half years travelling from city-hospital to city-hospital and noticed the same deficiencies everywhere; an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm to provide genuinely good care. This ambivalence was mostly due to poor corporate leadership, overcrowded facilities, unionized healthcare leaders that demonstrate complacency in job security, and inadequate oversight – all this, as well as a below-average implementation of an educational curriculum, resulting in a deficient practitioner field. Overall, Josh’s ultimate dissatisfaction with the healthcare system is the perpetuation of disease and injury management. The US healthcare system is perpetuating a business-money model instead of providing a client-centric model designed to optimize clinical outcomes.

Unity is strength...
When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Cassandra Rydzewski’s love for athletics and her passion to help others led her to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training in 2011 from the University of New Hampshire. As a Board-Certified ATC, her driving force mixed with her love for sports and fitness, Cassandra has had the opportunities to operate in a variety of settings. These settings include, but are not limited to, athletic training rooms at the collegiate and high school level, ensuring the athletes had the care they needed to perform at the highest levels possible.

Cassandra has an impeccable and robust background in customer service. This gives Cassandra the strong skill set needed to establish a genuine connection with her clients to ensure their needs are heard and goals are met. Cassandra will blend her sports medicine training and service skills with the ATX Fitness Therapy philosophy to ensure the demands and needs of our client’s bodies are met. Cassandra’s main focus is not only to provide her clients with relief from everyday aches and pains, but to address the direct cause of these aches and pains through the personalized ATX FIT therapy program.

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