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ATX Fitness Therapy was created out of necessity to provide corrective, postural and neuromuscular conditioning – designed to increase quality of life by addressing the root cause of pain and chronic injury. Secondly, to provide unparalleled mentorship in the psycho-physical aspects of Fitness Training and overall wellness. The number one priority in preservation of physical health and mental well-being is to nurture the mind and body with its needs. Fitness Therapy is the combination of movement, tissue release and activation modalities, behavior-cognition techniques, and the ATX FIT principles. ATX Fitness Therapy utilizes a comprehensive evaluation to identify joint instability, compensation tightness/weakness and compensation movement patterns. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a baseline assessment used to guide implementation and progression strategies for movement optimization.

This 90-minute evaluation is designed to identify instability, compensation tightness and weakness patterns, compensation movement patterns. These instabilities and compensations are secondary to joint instability, and bilateral asymmetries.

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This is our fundemental training principle. It is particularly useful for pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of your bodies intrinsic stabilizers and synergists; also known as fine motor tuning.

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We designed this therapy to build on functional stability and mobility foundations (ATX FIT principle). Once the client has progressed to an optimal physical ability, without consequence of injury.

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This therapy is designed to address asymmetrical tightness and restrictions in the fascia and the muscle tissue. It is imperative to maintain pliable, elastic-like myo-fascial tissue. Science literature demonstrates healthy fascia increases your power output in athletic performance as well as increases the overall function of your tissues.

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ATX ROM/Stretching Assessment is designed for the individual looking to increase mobility and flexibility.

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ATX COMBO is designed to address multiple areas of interest by combining principles of ATX FLEX, ATX FIT Principle and ATX STRENGTH in a dynamic and individualized design.

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Had a great first stretch visit with Jen today- she is super knowledgeable, friendly, and makes the whole process un-intimidating! I’ve noticed a difference in my problem muscles (knot in my shoulder and hip flexor pain) immediately and will definitely continue to work with her!

Talia Flamos

I tried traditional physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff and SLAP tear. I was very frustrated after months of physical therapy because it didn’t change a thing and I still had range of motion limitations and a lot of pain. I started going to ATX fitness therapy twice a week, for a total of 90 minutes. Within a couple of weeks I already had improved range of motion and nearly pain-free. After a couple of months, I could lift my arm completely straight over my head and I had no pain. This last month I have missed most of my appointments because of other things and I can tell the difference already. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow and continuing my two times a week routine. This really works

Joshua Bolduc

Recommended by Dr. Humphrey, they did a great job focusing on my needs. Left there feeling great. Will definitely signing up for a membership and get my wife to go.

Brendan BAF
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